Q & A Hair Straightening with Paul Echtekleff at Arboles Barber Shop & Salon


Paul has over 17 years of salon experience and trained with both the Vidal Sassoon Academy and Tony and Guy.  He is one of the first stylists to work with the Yuko Japanese Straightening system when the product was introduced to the United States and has truly mastered the art of using this product.


Q.  What kind of hair straightening services do you provide?


  1. Mainly there are three services that I provide for straightening.   The Brazilian Blow Out, the Anti Frizz by Yuko, which formaldehyde free.  For permanent straightening I use a Yuko system, which is also known as a Japanese straightening.


Q. How would i know which one is best for my hair?


  1. I provide a free consultation at which I will evaluate your hair and recommend the correct treatment.


Q. What is the difference between the Yuko and the Brazilian?


  1. The Brazilian is not a straightener it is a smoother which is a glaze that covers and coats the top of of hair strands and has formaldehyde in the solution .  Yuko has a product that is called anti frizz which is formaldehyde free.  The Yuko Japanese straighter actually penetrates the cuticle and changes the structure and permanently smooths and straightens the hair .  


Q. How long have you been using the Yuko hair straightener?


  1. I was first introduced to the Yuko Japanese straightening system in 2001 when the product first came to the United States.


Q. Is the permanent straightening damaging to my hair?


  1. Yes it can damage the hair if done incorrectly.  It is of critical importance that the operator has a great deal of experience, otherwise the product can be very damaging.


Q. How much does it cost and why is it so expensive?


  1. The cost is $100 per hour and the minimum time is 4 ½  hours, however it could be as high as 9 hours.   It depends on the length, thickness, and porosity of the hair.   The time it takes to do a Yuko is very long because the manufacturer determines how the Yuko system works and we have to follow that procedure.  It is there to ensure the hair is protected at all times.


Q. What is your favorite and why?


  1. I personally like the Yuko system because it is the strongest and gentle straightener on the market with the most stunning results.


Q. How do I schedule my free consultation?


  1. You can either send me an email at ArbolesBarberShop@gmail.com, or set-up an appointment online.


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